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Monday, April 16, 2012

this is him...
what do you think?? hehehe...

p/s : i hope nothing bad will happen... :)

new guy in town?? *O*

hey yo, peopo!!
new guy in town!! LOL xD
this is what i know about him...

Lee Patrick
22 years old
born on January
Nationality is American
Mum and Dad Korean

19 years staying at America and 3 years live in Korea
Now, staying at Korea
Have a biological little sister
Live together with his sister only
Knows how to play guitar
Like to talk variety stuff
Like someone (my friend) but she doesn't know it

Very loyal (?) but kind of a bit slow when it comes to girls
Don't talk much but only with certain people
Kinda sweet person
Very nice to girls
Tends to get very cold but have a very warm and nice heart
Sometimes he's so stupid
Cute and funny too

since he make me fall for him...
i will make him fall for me... hehehe... xP

p/s : special thanks to aew, chinggu, anna n kim hyun jae cause always mad at me and give me support when i was with kevin...
but i've forget about him now...
really thanks to you guys and love you guys so much... ^^

special p/s : i'll post his pic next... xD